Graphic Organizers

Graphic organizer, concept mapping, and mind mapping examples. Graphic organizers can take many forms as per the table lower down. Graphic organizers can help motivate, increase recall, assist understanding, create interest, combat boredom and organize thoughts.


Graphic Organizers

Describing Comparing Contrasting Classifying Sequencing Causal Decision Making

Brainstorming Web

Money Web
Double Cell Diagram Hierarchy Diagram

Research Cycle Cluster Diagram

Desktop Folder System
Squirrels Web

Concept Mapping
Concept Map Simile - School is..


Venn Expanded

Comparison Matrix
KWHL Thinking grids

Flow Chart
Desktop Folder System
Linear String

Expanded Linear String

Dominoe Effect

Some more forms: Clock, Cluster/Word Web, Describing Wheel, E-Chart, Fact and Opinion, Five W's Chart, Flow Chart, Four-Column Chart, Garden Gate, Goal-Reasons Web, Hierarchy chart, Ice-Cream Cone, Idea Rake, Idea Wheel, , Inverted Triangle, ISP Chart, KWHL Chart, KWL Chart, KWS Chart, Ladder, Observation Chart, Persuasion Map, Planning Chart, Problem Solution Chart, Progress Report, Sandwich, Sense Chart, Sequence Chart, Spider Map, Step-by-Step Chart, Story Map 1, T-Chart, Think-Pair-Share, Ticktacktoe, Time Line, Time-Order Chart, Tree Chart, Venn Diagram.

Graphic organizers are valuable tools for teaching/instruction. Unlike others, graphic organizers demonstrate a felxibility and endlessness in choices of use. A common trait is their ability to show the order and completeness of the student's thought process - how s/he understands becomes clearly evident. Using a range of graphic organizers shows both the close-up and the larger picture. Since many graphic organizers use short words or phrases, they are ideal for many types of learners including those for whom English as a second language.

One of the challenges that teachers often face in the classroom .....has been proven to aid the understanding of the curriculum thereby providing the teacher much needed support. Benefits include ... and comprehension skills and increasing vocabulary and language skills. With the use of these tools, teachers are able to affect .. in all related learning areas.  More  here.

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