KWHL chart

Description: Matrix for planning and gathering initial information.

Uses: Accessing prior information on a topic or theme, identifying primary and secondary resources to access, developing a plan for accessing resources, identifying attributes and characteristics to research.

Graphic Organizers

Critical Questions:

  • What do we already know? What do we want to find out? How are we going to find out? What primary and secondary resources can we access?
  • What attributes or characteristic should we focus on?

Suggestions: Excellent tool to access prior information and to develop a plan for investigation. See AERO for details and options for types of primary and secondary resources tht could be accessed. Other graphic organizers can be linked as an extension of the KWHL Chart. A similar version can be used for active thinking during reading.


Related Links: NCREL K-W-L-H Technique for Reading-- This is a different version of the KWHL Chart and can be used to create active thinking during reading.