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While there may seem several places you can apparently download free graphic organizers - all is not as it seems. There are copyright minefields to negotiate and you could be acting illegally by using the organizers in a classroom. Some resources provide you one or two sample downloads before they start charging and others have locks or restrictions prevent full use of the download.

We've complied the best of the web for you - sorted by whether they are static pdf files or editable Powerpoint slides.

Powerpoint Slides

Powerpoint Slides are highly recommended because the files are flexible and the slides can be modified creating enormous extra functionality, personalization and features over the highly restrictive pdf versions. Add the name of the teacher, class or school or even add data to the chart  to suit your particular needs. Required: Microsoft Powerpoint 97 or a free program that can read Powerpoint files (Google can find you one)


Courtesy Dakota State University

About: Free graphic organizers in Microsoft Powerpoint format (ppt). 

What's available: Limited organizers but includes Venn Diagram, Compare/Contrast, Webbin, Circular Type Web, Story Map, Time Lines.

Licence: Not known, made publicly available with no explicit copyright mentioned, presumed free to use

Visit site: Sorry, there's no page on the site itself but you can download the Powerpoint File Here (199 KB)


Courtesy Schools Adminstrative District 50

About: Free graphic organizers in Microsoft Powerpoint format (ppt). 

What's available: 12 Powerpoint slides covering Attributes Chart, Double Bubble Chart, Cause and Effect Chart, Comparison Grid, Character or Event Description Chart, Sequence Chart, Data Collection Chart, Tree Chart, Chain of Events Chart, Cycle Chart, Evidence Chart.

Licence: Not known, made publicly available with no explicit copyright mentioned, presumed free to use

Visit Site or download the file here


Courtesy Microsoft

About: Hundreds of really useful Word and Powerpoint files for parents, teachers and businesses, neatly categorized

What's available: 13 Maths and Science Tables, 23 Flashcards, All subjects K12 lesson plans, 10 quizzes and tests, and much more

Licence: Free to use

Visit Site: Main PageMaths & Science Tables | Flashcards | K-12 Lesson Plans | Quizzes & Tests | More


 PDF Downloads

About: Free printable graphic organizers in pdf format (Adobe Acrobat reader required) spread out over six pages with thumbnails. Printed on each page is space for "Name", "Date" and Period. Copyright marked on each copy.

What's available: Organizers offered include Venn Diagram, Column Venn Diagram, Triple Venn Diagram, Character Study, Pros and Cons Scale, SQ3R, Thematic Web, KWL, Cornell Note Taker, Storyboard, Story Plot Graph, Story Plot Terms, Apple Gram, Poetry Terms Practice, Note Taker, Fish Story, Cause / Effect, Characterization, I AM Poem, Dialectical Journal, Hamburger, Bookmark, Vocabulary Card, Give 'em a Hand, Pyramid, Inverted Pyramid, Concrete Detail - Commentary, Ladder, Timeline, Christmas Tree, Fish Bones, Flowchart, KWLH, Story Web, Chain of Events, Cloud Sequence, Clock, Double Bubble, Characterization Form, Process Grid and Hear T-Graph.

Graph paper, Alphabet, Reading Response, Times Tables and other useful printouts also available.

Licence: Free to download and use

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About: Free printable graphic organizers in pdf format again. No thumbnails - just the following categories to choose from. Each link opens one pdf. Printed on each page is space for "Name" and "Date". Copyright marked.

What's available:  Clock, Cluster/Word Web 1, Cluster/Word Web 2, Cluster/Word Web 3, Describing Wheel, E-Chart, Fact and Opinion, Five W's Chart, Flow Chart, Four-Column Chart, Garden Gate, Goal-Reasons Web, Ice-Cream Cone, Idea Rake, Idea Wheel, Inverted Triangle, ISP Chart (Information, Sources, Page), KWL Chart, KWS Chart, Ladder, Observation Chart, Persuasion Map, Planning Chart, Problem-Solution Chart, Sandwich, Sense Chart, Sequence Chart, Spider Map, Step-by-Step Chart, Story Map 1, Story Map 2, Story Map 3, T-Chart, Ticktacktoe, Time Line, Time-Order Chart, Tree Chart, Venn Diagram

Licence: Free for schools to download and use

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Holt Interactive

About: Free printable graphic organizers in pdf format. With thumbnails. Pdfs include space for Name and Date. Each pdf comes with teaching notes (but these are accessible only from here and not integrated into the pdf).

What's available: Cluster Diagram, FreeForm Web, Web Diagram, Sensory Details Chart, Circle Diagram, Spider Map, Main Idea and Details Chart, Determining Main Idea Chart, Drawing Conclusions from Information Chart, Conclusions Chart, Flow Chart, Sequence Chain, Sequence Chart, Rank Order Chart, Comparison Contrast Chart, Cause and Effect Chart, Cause and Effect Chain, Cause and Effect Diagram, What if Chart, Venn Diagram, Process or Cycle Chart, Process or Cycle Diagram, How To Essary Organizer, Concept/Event Map, Evaluation Pyramid, Evaluation Organizer, Poisitve-Negative Chart, Decision Chart, Persuasive Planner, Controversial Issue, Supporting a Position, Fishbone Planner, Personal Thesaurus Diagram, Word Map, All Purpose Planner, KWL Chart, Tree Diagram.

Licence: Free to use

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Education Oasis

About: 58 pdf organizers with thumbnails.

What's available: 11 Cause and Effect Organizers; 17 Character and Story Organizers; 6 Compare and Contrast Organizers; 7 Sequence, Cycle, Timeline and Chain of Events Organizers and 5 Vocabulary Development and Concept Organizers.

Licence: Free to use

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